Green printing

The company has long been the green, low-carbon, environmental protection, healthy development as the basis for its development and printing the future direction of development, and strive to build an ecological state-level key printing industry base. In recent years, invested a lot of money to improve the working conditions of the staff of life, the construction of the roof, lawn and garden in the air, classification and recycling waste, comprehensive treatment of sewage, waste oil, noise, life, to create a good working atmosphere for the staff, the day Wen printing center has thus become a pleasant ecological park. In 2011,
became the first batch of green printing enterprises in the country. At the same time, it also got the certification of production and marketing supervision chain, employee occupational health certification and other related qualification certificates, and ensured the realization of green printing from the system and process. The beginning of 2012, the requirements of materials gradually implement green printing, green for printed materials enterprises as Hunan's first company, from paper and ink to a variety of process in strict accordance with the requirements of green printing production, the successful completion of the work of various types of printed green products, green printing has become a highlight of the development of the company.