Newspaper printing

The company newspaper printing has more than 80 professional and technical personnel, and has the first class press printing equipment at home and abroad, such as Rui Gauss, rotary tower, etc. the annual production capacity of newspapers and periodicals is 2 million 500 thousand.
As a large state-owned printing enterprises, the company's technology strength, a galaxy of talents, through these years of market economy tide baptism, anti risk ability, fighting the market, increasing market share, the share is more and more big, the strength and brand has become the most effective market companies the right to speak. The "Xiaoxiang Morning" as the representative of the 20 kinds of newspapers, with "Amway" as the representative of the 60 kinds of periodicals, and other home run supermarkets in large quantities of advertising to undertake printing, commercial printing the " I have no people, I have fine day, " Wen Ya famous brand, you.