Development history

Hunan Xinhua Printer, the predecessor of Tianwen Xinhua Printing co.,LTD,borned in 1952s, consisted of more than 30 small private and joint state-private printers at that time.


Required by situations, Hunan Xinhua No. One Printer was separated into three independent printers:

Hunan Xinhua No. One Printer,

Hunan Xinhua No. Two Printer,

Hunan Xinhua No. Three Printer.


After thirty years' separation, the three fellows united together in the wave of reform and development, resulting in Hunan Xinhua Printing Group. Complementary advantages and strong association secure a successful transformation.


The company was renamed as Hunan Tianwen Xinhua Printing Company, Ltd., for the purpose of reform and going list.


Along with the mother company, Central South Publishing & Media Group Co., Ltd., Tianwen  managed to be listed on A-Share Market of China. Stock symbol: 601098