Tian Wen printing won the Sixth China Printing awards in 2017

2017-11-09 20:19:52 admin 232

In July 4th, pleased to learn that the company printed "China National Geographic 201608 phase 670th total" in the "sixth cross straits four places Chinese printing Award" won the magazine gold medal.

The print award is the industry's only approved by the SASAC, the State Council, the project appraisal sponsored by Chinese printing and printing equipment industry association, Hongkong printing industry association, Taiwan printing and material industry association, Macao printing industry association, the Chinese printing industry printing awards, both highly authoritative and widely comprehensive.

The selected entries for the period from January 1, 2015 to December 31, 2016 to complete the printing products. Award winning works will be exhibited as a series of domestic and foreign publicity activities organized by the China Printing awards organizing committee. The award for the first time this is the Hunan Province, fully demonstrated the strength of Hunan Tianwen Xinhua Printing Company Limited in the high-end commercial printing and sophisticated technology, proved that the comprehensive level of company printing quality, printing technology in a leading position within the industry, won the precious honor for the company and the Hunan printing.

The company will take this opportunity, the efficiency of the extension of the market, to create more products, establish the company's brand image, and constantly improve the company's reputation in the industry at home and abroad, to expand overseas boutique publishing and high-end commercial printing market.

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